I could not find a clear answer to this, so I am guessing the answer is no.  But, do the get/set computername tasks work for images that aren't sysprepped?

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Yes. See: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/Get-Set-ComputerName EDIT: Actually, no. These tasks do not appear to work with non-sysprepped images.
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Thanks, I obviously did read that article before posting, and here is part of it:

3. The computer is scanned to determine if the machine was a sysprepped image or a scripted install.

So what I am asking is if my image is neither of these two options, in this case a non-sysprepped image, are these tasks supposed to work?  Because for me they are not.

The only images that I can get these tasks to work with are sysprepped images.  

Answered 06/19/2012 by: nheyne
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  • Sorry did miss that. Is this a windows 7 image, if so how did you get around not creating duplicate Sids when deploying it?
  • Yea, I can say from personal experience that a non-sysprepped image might deploy to a certain extent, but they are a nightmare to work with forever after. You are going to want to sysprep that image.
  • In XP I never syspreped and now in windows 7 I always sysprep with the way Microsoft changed certain process for better security and stability. My 3 main purposes of syspreping is to copy my install user settings and tweeks to default, clear the Sid and allow allow distributtion to many models of computers.
    • I never did spend much time with XP in a corporate environment. By the time I entered the corporate environment they were just phasing into Windows 7. Sounds like XP was a little easier to work with when it came to imaging, default profiles, and the like.
  • It was great, you could copy any user profile to default with user manager and use new sid to clear the sid. We used Zen to multicast from the master machines to 120-150 at once (till the network crew started screaming at us)
  • Thanks for all the comments, it is looking like I will be sysprepping after all.
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