In our K1000, I am unable to view the full URL's. In the demo's and the KKE's I noticed that they have http://kbox/ticket# or http://kbox/managedinstalls. All I can see is http://kbox or http://kbox/admin. Has anybody else ran into this problem, we are on v5.5.

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  • If you do log into the /admin side, opening any link in a new tab will open the new tab in the /adminui side.
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try http://yourkbox/adminui

Answered 12/30/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

  • I am typing the address we have designated for the box, the weird thing though is I can see all of the pages fine, everything is working as normal both on the admin and user ui sides. But when I type in the address of our box, I never see anything other than http://helpdesk or http://helpdesk/adminui. I have seen in other posts where people are using the URL's to create views for owners and I can do none of that. When I click on a specific ticket the address is just http://helpdesk.

    For the ticket rules that I have though, where the rule auto-populates the ticket number into the link, those seem to be working fine.
  • Could you explain the difference between http://helpdesk vs http://helpdesk/userui and http://helpdesk/admin vs http://helpdesk/adminui vs http://helpdesk/system ? Is there a list of all the possible extensions somewhere?

    I appreciate your help
    • helpdesk/ vs helpdesk/userui/ There is no difference except you see the full URL with only userui/
      /admin/ vs /adminui/ same thing
      /systemui/ is used with Orgs to access the system-org for the default configs etc. in non orgs env you will go to the main screen as you were logged in using /adminui/
      • Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
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What browser are you using? does it do the same thing in other browsers? /adminui should show you the full URL's but the /admin side won't. 


I'm running the latest chrome and I see this for my tickets. /adminui/ticket.php?ID=3163


Managed Installs: /adminui/mi.php?ID=743

Answered 12/30/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

  • You were right on the money nshah, I was using http://helpdesk for the user side and http://helpdesk/admin for the admin side. They were just bookmarks that I had created. When I switched over to adminui and userui I was able to get the full links.Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.
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