We are installing Adobe CS5 Design Premium via the K2000. There are several installation tasks in this process, including Acrobat Pro 9, CS5 itself, and all the applications in the Exceptions folder (created by the Adobe Application Manager) . We created a batch file to run the installs and that's what runs in the K2000.
The process runs fine when executed outside the K2000, but when we run it from the K2000 we get "Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258" for many of the MSIs in the task. It is my understanding that this error means than an MSI fails because there is already another MSI in progress.
The installation that runs so long is the Acrobat 9 install, so we removed that from the batch file and added it to the K2000 post installation task list as a separate task. We still get the same problem.
It's almost like the K2000 can't recognize that another MSI is in progress and therefore allows another one to start.
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Have you tried "START /WAIT"?

Answered 05/24/2012 by: dugullett
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  • On 3.5 and earlier:
    start /wait is relevant on .exe files.
    on msi's it would be msiexec /qn /i file.msi
    for .bat files it could be call file.bat

    3.6 and higher you list the name of the .exe and the name of the .bat. For msi's it is the same.
    • I'm seeing the same symptoms randomly on my image tasks. I can see these errors in msi logs. Some of my installers are .exe based from Lenovo. i'm not sure the task engine consistently treats .exe the same way. For instance I start winvnc and thankfully the task engine doesn't wait for that to stop before continuing with the queue, however, I do need it to wait for my .exe based installers is there a way to force the behavior?
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The k2000 doesn't recognize that an msi is running, this is all done via windows through a batch file, so at that point the K2000 is out of the picture.  Is this an image or scripted install?  You might want to try the po task converter to see if you get better results:




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Answered 05/24/2012 by: cserrins
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Corey - thanks for the insight. This is a scripted installation. You indicated that this is a Windows issue, not KACE. If that's the case why wouldn't I encounter the same problem when running the batch file from a Windows command prompt (not from within KACE)?


Answered 05/29/2012 by: pumba100
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