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My organization is considering moving our KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance to the hosted option.  Our K1000 is currently on a VM behind our firewall. We are debating the move of our appliance to a DMZ on our network or transitioning to the hosted option.  If any of you are willing to share your experiences with the hosted KACE option, we would be appreciative.

Thanks in advance.

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  • hi gray, we are hosting our own kace on a local tier 1 provider for about 1.5 years now. what are your concerns?
    • Some of my team have raised concerns over bandwidth through our firewalls. I connect to the database regularly to create reports and ticket rules, so that is also a concern of mine.
  • In our company, we have 16 units across the country. As in Brazil the internet is a big problem, we do not consider transferring to a host due to the high consumption of the localities, since we have some that use a connection to 512kb / s. But the idea of ​​transferring is not a bad idea, if you have a great connection.

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