Is there a way to exclude machines during deployment for while, or what is the best practise you have at your end.
I have created a smart label but can easily got forgotten.

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  • Can you give a more concrete explanation of what you are trying to accomplish? I don't understand what you mean by "exclude machines during deployment for while". Do you want to not have a managed install active for certain machines over the next week? Something else?
  • Basically I am deploying a software to all PC, but we have few users which doesnt want the software at that particular time due to customer meetings. Anyway I can delay it for those machines.
  • I need to have the software deployed on that particular day.
  • You can create a manual label called "Excluded Machines" and edit your current machine label to exclude machines in that label. That will give you a quick and semi-clean way of excluding machines until KACE works on the user voice request for this (hopefully).
    • This is the strategy we use for our deployments when we need to make sure some machines don't get the managed install.
  • I was thinking on those lines, but wasnt sure if there was any alternative ways. But thx anyhow..
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