been trying to figure this out for the last couple days, but have ran into a wall. I have followed the documentation to embed Kace into the SAM homepage via the custom HTML field. Everything seems to work fine except for the drop down menus, but only in IE9. They seem to work fine in Chrome, Firefox, and even IE 8. I have tried a couple different ways on embedding the page via the HTML field with the following code.


<style type="text/css">

iframe { overflow:hidden; }


<iframe src="http://KACEURL"

width="100%" height="1100px">





<embed src=http://KACEURL width="100%" height="1100px"> </embed> Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.


I have also placed both the Kace and SolarWinds site to be ran in compatibility mode, but so far, I haven't had much luck.


Now, normally I would use chrome or Firefox, but some of the features with SolarWinds and Kace both only work in IE and I would prefer not to have to revert back to IE8 on all the machines that might be taking advantage of these features. Has anybody else ran into this problem, and if so, did you find a way to get the drop down menus to working?




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I cant say i have tested it on IE9 however the features that you mentioned are only available in IE do you mean the activex controls? because you can use the IEtab plugin for chrome and similarly for firefox. This lets you run activex settings in chrome and firefox you will have to make your settings changes in the IE browser through as it still uses the activex settings from IE.

I got someone that was running orion 9.5.0 to test with IE9 on a win 7 PC and dropdowns were fine. When trying to run it on the orion windows server they were unable to login at all (Via RDP) it was as if the screen did not update. (maybe a security setting on the windows server.)

Answered 11/06/2012 by: JonathonV
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  • Hmm,

    I installed the IE tab chrome addon and it would let me use the features that only work in IE, but the drop downs still did not work. The features I am talking about is shown in the following link:


    The below link shows the drop downs that do not work in IE only when I am going through IE when its embedded into Solarwinds. If I browse to Kace in IE it is fine, just when I go through Solarwinds to get to it.


    Thanks again for the help!
  • OK so the machine actions work which use ActiveX but the issue that you are having is the dropdown menus eg choose action etc. but only when doing it through the solarwinds page with KACE embeded. What version of Solarwinds are you running?
    just out of curiosity try and add the solarwinds IP and URL as a trusted site to IE settings.
  • The machine actions work in IE, but not in firefox or chrome unless I use the IE tab addon.. Yes, my main issues are with the drop downs when it is embedded into SolarWinds.

    Whats going on per browser when accessing Kace via embedded in SolarWinds:

    IE9 - Machine Actions work, drop downs do not.
    Chrome - Machine actions DO NOT work, drop down work fine
    Firefox - Machine actions DO NOT work, drop down work fine

    Chrome / Firefox with IE tab addon - Machine Actions work, drop downs do not.

    I am currently running Solar Winds Orion Core 2012.1.1, SAM 5.2.0, IVIM 1.4.0 which should be the latest release.

    Also, I will look into adding it as a trusted site and see if that has any effect.
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