email ticket details  to user  when ticket is created 

and ticket url
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  • Can you expand on what you would like to email to the user?
    Ex. "Owner name", "Status", etc.
  • want to email user ticket details like, ticket url link and
    ticket details
  • thanks a lot for ur help Solomon
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There are 2 ways:

1)      Built-in ticket notifications

a.       If you go to your Queue in Service desk you’ll find Email on Events

b.       You can click on “Customize Emails” and modify the ticket information

                                                               i.      Here you can use variables

                                                             ii.      $ticket_number will give you the ID

                                                           iii.      $ticket_title will give you the Problem Description

                                                           iv.      Etc.

c.       Then just select on what event you want to the email to go out

2)      Custom Ticket Rules

a.       You’ll find this under in the last part of your Queue Configurations

b.       Here you’ll go to customize

                                                               i.      Choose Action New

1.       Start with the (Wizard)

                                                             ii.      Select what criteria you’d like this ticket rule to look for

                                                           iii.      Then you’ll have a section when it creates the ticket rule where you can email results to users.

1.       In this email you can also refer ticket fields, it’s just a bit different.

2.       Instead of $ticket_number it is $id to get the ticket ID.

3.       You’ll have to play with this a bit to figure out the variables, it’s not super hard but you it takes a bit.

4.       Here you also have the opportunity to use the SQL Select Query to name the variable what you want, so if you’re good with SQL, you’ll love this portion.

3)      Lastly try exploring the Help options, they are well documented

a.       Go to the Service Desk Module

b.       Upper right corner click on the “?” for help

c.       Click on “Overview of Service Desk ticket lifecycle”

d.       Go to:

                                                               i.      Configuring email settings > Configuring email triggers and email templates > Configure email templates

                                                             ii.      This is a great reference to find the email variables.

Hope this helps!

Answered 04/15/2016 by: Soloman007
Orange Belt

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