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 When creating a new ticket, I have found that duplicate names can appear and there is no way to tell which is which. For example, if a John Smith e-mailed from a personal address and later from a work address, there will be two John Smiths to choose from for new ticket customers and I do not see a way to tell which one is under the personal and vice versa. The only way to find out currently is to save the ticket to see what e-mail comes up afterwards.
 Is there a way to see the e-mail address before saving the ticket?


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  • I believe KACE uses the Email address to create new users.

    So if you were to email the KACE Helpdesk to create a ticket with a different email account that the one specified in your user profile, the appliance will consider this a new user, and a new profile will be created.

    But I see what you are asking, I think is not possible:
    Might be a good feature request, to be able to display Names and (Email) in parenthesis

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We have this problem also. In our LDAP import we have our Name field set to populate from the displayname attribute, which for us is in the lastname, firstname format. That is usually the best clue for us. You could change your LDAP mapping to use a different attribute as the user name, but that will have other repercussions in the appliance that you may not be comfortable with.

IF you are assigning devices to users, then the device field will populate immediately with the user's devices, that can help in some cases.

Otherwise, I agree with Channeler, this would make a good feature request.

Answered 05/03/2018 by: chucksteel
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