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Hi everyone,

It's me again :) I'm doing a follow-up on current issues with our deployment in the K2000 and we're having issues with our drivers.
During the scripted install, I can see that it's copying drivers from our deploymentshare: \\K2000\drivers_postinstall\dell\windows_8_x64\e6540

After Windows is installed, there are still a couple of devices with no driver and a lot of devices which have the default windows driver.
To correct the situation, our support engineers manually update each device and they point to the K2000 deploymentshare for the correct driver.

Since this gets the job done, I wonder why these drivers aren't loaded in the scripted install?!

Can anyone point me in the good direction?

Thanks in advance!


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Alright, I figured this out myself.. I just created a script myself which will use DPInst in combination with an XML to install all drivers located in a specific folder. The original shared folders on the K2000 server are used.

For some devices, I needed to execute "DPInst" 2x in the script since not all drivers were installed the first time.

It's not the solution I was looking for, but didn't think there was another option...

PS: In the XML, I specify that unsigned drivers may also be installed...
Answered 09/02/2015 by: Silencer001
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  • I'm struggling to get drivers installed for a scripted install of a server and would like to try this method. Would you be willing to share your script?

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Are the drivers signed?
Answered 08/18/2015 by: VBScab
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Yes. They are downloaded via Dell KACE so guess that everything should be alright..? Thx for the suggestion!
Answered 08/18/2015 by: Silencer001
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