I am trying to image a new model Dell server (new for us anyway) with a slightly older kimage that is lacking the PERC driver. I've got everything where it needs to be in the post_install drivers folder and the mid level .exe task is there, but when I boot up the pc I'm getting a missing or corrupt Windows drive: \Windows\System32\Drivers\iaStorS.sys.

The model is a Precision T5600 and it is installed in DriversFeed.

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What was the folder structure that you created to put the driver in the post_install?  You can also go into the image itself and include the driver in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and see if that helps.

Answered 01/02/2013 by: Timi
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  • \\k2200\drivers_postinstall\dell\windows_7_x64\t5600\storage\dell_perc8_h310_win7_x64
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Could the driverfeed workaround midlevel task be effected by the BCD 3.1 two partition fix midlevel task, or the order they are accomplished in?

Answered 01/02/2013 by: aaronr
Green Belt

  • I would think you would want the driver feed task after creating your partitions. What order are they currently in?
  • The tasks are run in the order listed, top to bottom. I agree with dugullett.
  • The BCD fix runs before the driver fix. I'm going to switch the order to Driver Fix first, then Drive label change. We'll see how it goes in an hour.
  • Well order doesn't seem to matter. Its failing with the same error either way. I'm going to try adding the .sys file to the Windows 7 system32 drivers folder to see if that will work. Going to image 2 of the same model side by side, one with the driver added to the image and the midlevel fix removed, and the other with both the driver added and the midlevel fix applied.
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may you try to use the alternate method to create the mid-level task using the script as described in this article?


It may help!



Answered 01/03/2013 by: StockTrader
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  • StockTrader, thanks for the blog link! Great write up! I've got a lot more clarity now on the drivers and script..though I may have found the issue and its a doozy. But I am going to try the alternative script just to see.
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A coworker handed me an orange piece of paper she failed to inform me of earlier which highlights that this workstation MAY (and I'm almost positive it does) have a 512e Advanced Format hard drive. This thing requires the newest iaStors drilvers which I've downloaded.

It appears the driver feed has the newest proper drivers for the T5600 including the iaStors but this is also the driver it says is missing or corrupt. I'm wondering if this is the actual issue.

Answered 01/03/2013 by: aaronr
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  • Alright, tested the image on a standard 790 Optiplex with no special drive or raid card and the image works without issue. Tried the newer driver feed workaround from StockTrader and its not working. The same 4 devices on the 790 that have no driver still are missing drivers after imaging with the workaround. Is there a way to test to make sure the script is working properly?
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Couldn't ever get the driver feed work around to function properly with any of the handful of images I tried. Just made a new image and it will be my up-to-date 64bit general kimage.

Answered 01/11/2013 by: aaronr
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