Hi all,

I'd like to upgrade desktop authority from V8.1 to V9. I read the Install_Upgrade_Guide and realized, that the Client needs dotnetframework 2.0 sp1.

As we have still some Win XP clients, will dotnet deployed with the client install or do I have to deploy it by myself bevor upgrading?

If I have to deploy it myself, is the dotnet compact framework 2.0 sp2 enough? I found a msi from it, so it would be easier to deploy, if I don't have to build a msi by myself. :)

Thank you in advance


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  • if you a getting updates for all microsoft products from windows updates you should have the latest version of .net for xp installed
  • Thank you for your answer.

    Yes and no :)

    Yes, we have a WSUS Server for deploying updates and Win XP would get sp2 of dotnetframework.
    But, no, we haven't got any dotnetframework 2.0 installed on XP. That means WSUS woudn't deploy any service pack for it.
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