I followed the guide from the following link to get email alerts to function the way I want them to in regards to notifying a Group Email address of a ticket creation so that all "Service Desk Staff" receive an email of a new ticket being created.


The problem is, if our Service Desk staff field a phone call and log that into the service desk as a closed ticket, they get a number of emails: 1) they get an email as the "submitter" 2) they get a "new ticket" email 3) they get an "ownership change update" email 4) And lastly get a closed ticket email (and sometimes the closed ticket email comes in first?).

So with that said. How would I create a custom rule so that no email is sent if one of the service desk staff creates a ticket and submits the ticket as closed?

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I have all of my rules set to only fire on specific instances, and it sounds like your rules might not be specific enough. For instance, my closed ticket rule only matches if the status has changed to closed, not if the status equals closed. Your new ticket email might have a similar case and it is matching even if the status is closed.

I also have my rules setup so that if the submitter and the person making the change are the same id, then the rule doesn't fire. I don't see a need to get an email when I'm the one changing the ticket.


Answered 06/15/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • Chuck, thanks for your reply. You are correct in that I don't have my rules specific enough. That is exactly what I want to do, have tickets fire off on specific instances. But excuse my ignorance, I don't know the best way to do that? Can you explain or provide some sample code of how you manage that?

    Your second paragraph is exactly what I'm trying to implement, but struggling to do so.
  • If you post your current code and advise what you want each ticket rule to do, I'm sure we could help tweak them for you.

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