Windows 7 has a flurry of specialized event logs that should be very helpful in advanced troubleshooting situations. But is there a master directory online that lists all the Win7 event log names and what the events in each log actually mean for troubleshooting purposes? Example1: "what is in Diagnostis-DPS event log and what is their context for troubleshooting purposes?" Example2: "flash player keeps crashing when viewing videos in Firefox and none of my standard fixes is working. Which logs should I look in for clues as to what might be causing my problem?" Example3: "a Pro Tools user is reporting intermittent audio dropouts but his audio driver is up to date & the card tests fine with hardware diagnostics. How can I select which Windows 7 event logs to look at when I don't know what most of them are actually logging?"

I have been using Event Log Explorer to merge a number of event logs together and sort by date/time. This has presented an excellent view of streams of events, but including too many logs in the view ends up being filled with irrelevancies. If I had a catalog directory of all the different event logs with a description of what kinds of events actually end up in each log, then I could make an educated guess about which logs to include in a merged view for advanced troubleshooting purposes.

I'm sure other IT Ninjas could improve their troubleshooting swordsmanship if they too knew more about each Windows 7 event log and its contents meanings. Thanks

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