I'm trying to find a way to identify discovered devices that do not have an agent installed.   I can't seem to find a way through smart filters, or through the MySQL.   
I'm hoping someone else has done this.   
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  • I don't have any discovered devices without an agent installed but can you just look for machines that don't have the AMPAgent software title installed on them?
    • Unfortunately, this would require the agent to be installed. There is no inventory of the software without the agent. :-(
      • Do the machines appear in the MACHINE table in the database?
  • You could run a Discovery scan looking for any machine listening on port 52230. If it isn't, it probably doesn't have an agent on there. The Discovery scan doesn't require the agent to be there to run it.

    If there is no agent on there, you won' t find a way using smart labels, or mysql. Data needs to be in the system via the agent to use those.
    • Thanks nshah.

      That seemed to work in theory, but I had to create several additional discovery schedules, and then I just ended up with a result set that I needed to somehow manually match up against my agented clients.

      There is a table or view named 'Discovered' or something. There has to be, but we apparently don't have access to it. How else could the appliance keep track of discovered devices?
  • chucksteel,

    I am unable to reply to your question above. There's no 'Reply', so I'll answer here.

    These machines don't appear to be in the 'MACHINE' table. I think that table is populated by agent inventory information.
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