I am currently trying to deploy a which is not in exe or msi format. The file extension is dependent on another software. What it does is it will install the package into C:\programs files (x86) folder. It will still prompt UAC just like any other installer.

What I have tried:

- Use auto IT to automatically run the software. It works, but it is not silently installed. It was deployed using Dell Kace K1000. I have encountered minor issues such as windows will prompt for file association, then you will need to select the software that opens the stated file extension.

- Have tried to use appdeploy repackager on the main software which turns out to be buggy.

I really need your opinion and solutions on this.  

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  • Have you contacted the vendor to see if they support silent deployment?
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Does the file have to actually be "run" by the associated application to install, or can the updated version of this template just be copied to a specific location? If it can just be copied, why not use setup a File Synchronization instead of trying to rig up some kind of install?

Another option would be to write a K-Script that has the file in question as a dependency, and launches the associated application with the file as a parameter. I actually have one that tests a devices default printer setting using notepad, it just runs "notepad.exe /p testfile.txt" with testfile.txt as a dependency on the script. Of course, you would likely need to check with the vendor to get the correct command line parameters to use this option.

Answered 07/03/2015 by: BHC-Austin
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  • use file sync to update the template file when needed, use a kscript to set up the file association in the registry
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yep, you will need clean states to do a snap.

is it 'just' a template file, quite big if it is...


why just use file copy, to get the template file where you need it???

Answered 07/09/2015 by: Badger
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How "big" is the application?

My thoughts are that software is ultimately just a bunch of files and registry data. A lightweight snapshot tool will show you what files go where and what data is written to the registry so, if it's not that big, why not just build an MSI in InstEdit/Orca using that information?
Answered 07/03/2015 by: VBScab
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The file is roughly 70-80 mb. The file happens to be a template file which will be changed quite frequent. Once there is a new template file available, we will need to install it for users. Building a MSI, would be quite a hassle if the change is frequent. Would lightweight snapshot tool such as appdeploy require a clean slate in order to capture the difference? Any other recommended tools or practice for such cases?
Answered 07/03/2015 by: AnonymousSG
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