Hello everyone,

I am trying to deploy a .MPKG file on a Mac El Capitan - 10.11.4.

The payload is currently deploy on the workstation but it's not executed.
After a few search I have found this KB; https://support.software.dell.com/kb/136841

I have tried to put this line in the parameters  "Launch a program" task;

chmod +x MYAPPS.mpkg  && installer -pkg MYAPPS.mpkg -target / 

but it failed with: V3OEjE.png

Any ideas of what i'm doing wrong ?

Sorry for the typos, i'm not english native.

Thanks !

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Place the installer inside a DMG and upload the DMG to the software title. You can leave the installation as the default command, when KACE mounts the DMG it should install the package.

Answered 05/16/2016 by: chucksteel
Red Belt

  • Sorry, I thought you were using a managed install and not a script. There is a typo in your command, you have MPKG in the chmod but just PKG for the installer command.
    • My bad chuck, the typo is only in here, not it my script. I should have copy/paste, from the script.

      I'm trying in both with a script and managed install. The best for us would be in managed install. Like you said, I will try to put the MPKG in a DMG in the software title.

      • With the MPKG wrapped in the DMG, it's working in the managed install.

        thanks for your help.

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This question is locked


You may need to zip it up or rename it: https://support.software.dell.com/kb/136841
Answered 05/13/2016 by: jknox
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I have tried to ZIP it / rename it but Kace still won't launch it.

I'm still working on it to find a solution.


Answered 05/16/2016 by: laperris
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