I've got several latitude 2120s that need to be reimaged using a imaging in WIM format.  These guys seem to take 3-4 hours to pull the image down from the server, all other systems take 5-15 mins for the same file.  What can I do to see why this is taking so long?  I'm guessing I need a different nic driver for this model, where would I change this for the PE enviornment? I'm on the k2200 3.6.98680.



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  • I have had slow imaging due to HDD settings (achi/legacy/uefi) in the bios
    • Good thought, I just tried ATA and ACHI with slow imaging times, I also bumped the BIOS up to the latest version. Any other thoughts?
      • did have a weird problem with hybrid drives having trouble caching thru the SSD drive, that one we ended up not using the SSD part of the drive and no one really noticed, so we let it go at that, was a waste of the SSD part, but saved hours of chasing problem.

        mis-negoation of network speed, but the network guys should be able to see that, you can also open cmd window from the main KBE screen and try a large packet ping to kbox to see if you have loss or lag.

        ping kbox -t -l 5000
  • another thing I thought of. if this is windows 7 make sure you created the kbe with the sp1 waik
    • not having sp1 will effect advanced format HDD's and some other critical drivers
      • This kbe was from windows 8.1, I'll pop a 7sp1 up on the server and see if it works better. It might seeing these are atoms...
      • I uploaded a PE 3.1 (windows 7 sp1) to the K2200 and the machine images much quicker now. Thanks for all the tips guys!
      • It was the drivers for the hdd the time I ran into that, the 8.0 would only boot and load ata drivers vs achi and it made it crawl. but 7sp1 pe3.1 worked in achi mode, go figure.
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To add the nic driver, you would need to either install it from the driver feed or manually place it in your kbe drivers share, then resync your drivers, then rebuild your kbe.

If it's imaging at all though, it doesn't seem like it would be a driver issue.

Answered 06/02/2014 by: nheyne
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  • I would have to disagree with this not seeming like a driver issue. We have had this issue with our optiplex 740's. I finally found the correct driver and placed it in our driver share, resync drivers, and rebuilt our kbe. Now the system image in about the same amount of time as the rest.
    • Well that is certainly something to try. We have a lot of 2120s and we did have to add the driver, but it was no connection vs. connection, not a performance issue.
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