Hi all,

I just upgraded my K2000 Appliance to 4.0 version. Now I have the NORM protocol option for multicast. I try to deploy a WIM image on 2 clients using this protocol but my deployment fails to the "Apply image" step. I tried to run the script manually and here is the returned message (white area are my client IP address):

I defined multicast settings like this:

  • Timeout to wait for connection 'Ready to receive' state: 5 minutes
  • Multicast protocol: NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM)
  • Multicast address:
  • Control channel port: 2112
  • Multicast hops: 4
  • Transmission rate: 20 MB/s

I don't know what else I can do. Someone can help me?

Thank you in advance.

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  • hi all,

    i have also the same problem as dude87. Here my tests :

    * If i set the multicast IP to, K2000 Multicast Receiver returns a single message "Invalid Host." and the multicast is failing

    * if I set the IP to a 224.xxx.xxx.xxx one (other than 224.0.0.xxx) like -or, it returns repeatedly this message :
    Proto Error: NormSenderNode::HandleObjectMessage() wainting to sync ... and the multicast is failing

    * If I set the IP to a 224.0.0.xxx, MULTICAST'S WORKING

    My question : what range of IPs do we have to use for the multicast? it's only limited to the 224.0.0.xxx one?

    Thanks for your answers
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    • 224.0.0.xxx addresses only work in the same subnet : http://www.iana.org/assignments/multicast-addresses/multicast-addresses.xhtml#multicast-addresses-1
      So it's not possible for us to use this range of addresses
  • hi guys,

    i'm very surprised that there is no answers about this problem.

    I would like to use this new functionnality offers with the version v4 but i can't find any detailled information to how to configure it (specially the multicast IP to use).

    we have multiple vlans in our organization and, as dude87 said, 224.0.0.xxx addresses are limited on the same subnet.

    I really need help. Thanks for your answers
    • Hi,
      Last information I had from Quest support is that it could be possible to route something accross I didn't try yet. But I made some tests in the same subnet using an address in and the multicast starts but crashes after a few minutes with the following message on my clients : “Proto Error: NormSenderNode::HandleObjectMessage() WriteSegment() error”. I tried to reduce the speed as advised by the support (I put the lowest speed = 1 Mo/s) but deployment still crashing... Our K2000 is a VM on Hyper-V and I suspect that it's not correctly supported on this system. Let me know if it's better on your side.

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