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Dell Image Assist .wim files and K2000

12/17/2018 1038 views

Is it possible to import and use an excisting wim file (was created w/ Dell image assist) to be used in the K2000 appliance?


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I believe this is not possible at the moment.

The KACE SDA (formerly known as K2000), is only capable of handling it's own created WIM files, and or WIM files that were exported in PKG format from another KACE appliance.

You could try this instead:

I believe that feature will be added somewhere in the future, others have asked for this in the past, you may want to vote and comment here:


Answered 12/17/2018 by: Channeler
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  • Thank you for your reply - i did vote for the feature and will try the suggestions from the other link - much appricated!

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It is possible at this time.

One way is you can manually deploy the wim to a drive via DISM, do not boot it and then use Kace to capture that as a wim.

If you are up to speed on the SDA you can use a custom deployment to use external wims.  The old method of mine still works fine also.

I have a KBE I created with the KBEM to remap the drive to the external location of where the majority off my wim files are stored. (I use AutoIT to compile remap exe's to each location and load those as add files to KBE.

AutoIT Code for dismdeploy:

If $CmdLine[0] Then
$p0 = $CmdLine[1]
$p1 = $CmdLine[2]
RunWait('x:\windows\system32\dism.exe /apply-image /imagefile:t:\Imagestore\' & $p0 & '.wim /index:1 /ApplyDir:' & $p1 & ':' , "" , @SW_MINIMIZE)

I was able to locate most of the scripts that Kace uses and call those without modifications.  I had to download, modify and upload a different version of setup_post_install_taks.vbs.  ( I did this hack back in June of 18 during Beta testing so I cheated the the code instead of fixing the value since I did not know what the value should have been.)  Corey has informed since then I could have just changed (imagevalue) = "WIM" that is a couple of lines up to "custom_deployment" and left else statement as "False".  The way I did it disables the check for the type of image instead of seeing if it meets criteria.