i am packaging one application for Win7. it has application related DCOM services. these services are installed using a BATCH file on installation . but when i uninstall MSI , they are not getting uninstalled.  due to this, my INSTALLDIR is not getting removed . the empty folder hive is present even after uninstallation.

i search google. but cudnt find any way to delete DCOM services. 


please suggest how to remove these DCOM services installed by my application.

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  • There are some things which i would like to get clarified.
    1.The installer which is used for installing the complete application, are u packaging it from scratch or is it vendor provided?
    2. The batch file used for installing DCOM services, is it embedded in the package or you are installing it separately?

    Now, if the INSTALLDIR is not getting removed, there is a possibility , something, most probably service or process may be still running in the background. Else the component would be marked as shared / permanent or the component might be missing the GUID.
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