I'm looking to create a rule that will close a ticket automatically after X days with a predefined message in the resolution when the status is "Pending Response". Is it something feasible ? Also, can you guide me with the rule that will accomplish that ?

Another thing, if the user replies back to the request before the ticket close automatically (after X days), is i possible to change the status back to "Opened" ?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  • Would you want the rule to activate after X days of no activity or after X days open?
  • Yes (I think so)... basically the tech will put the ticket in "Pending Responses" and if the submitter do not respond after 3 days the ticket will close automatically with a predefined "resolution". But if the submitter reply to the ticket in the 3 days period, I want the status to change back to "Opened".

    Thx alot for your help!
  • isn't there a Default rule already in place for tickets that haven't been responded to as "OverdueClose" in x number of days?
  • Hello ashbroom ... you are right ... I just saw that rule (stupid me). I'll test to see if it's doing what I want to accomplish. Thx!
  • You might want throw that up as an "Answer" even if you are answering your own question. Many may overlook it as you did, and find this useful.
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