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Hi all,

I need the following:

On some Windows machines there are two monitors, one is in landscape mode and one in portrait mode (turned 90°)

How can I set via CLI the direction and also the resolution?

Under Linux this would be simple and trivial solveable with xandr.

Is there an alternative for Windows (with a free license, as no additional license costs can be charged)

Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • this link mentions 3 free ones that can change the res.
  • A power shell script may be the way to go

  • I've never tried it and don't have the hardware to duplicate it at the moment, but couldn't you just change the registry keys for resolution/orientation? http://superuser.com/questions/106749/what-registry-key-or-windows-file-determines-where-monitors-are-placed-in-a-mult

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 There isn't much out there as managing how the monitor is placed is rarely a central management concern.

You can make your own small progran in .NET for example that leverages the Win32 ChangeDisplaySettings method to control orientation. (and resolution if needed as well.

Answered 01/03/2014 by: EVEEN
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