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Can KACE see what certificates are installed on computers?

10/24/2018 667 views
We have a few certificates that we install for website access.  Is there a way that KACE and track that and list that in the inventory details?
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  • Are you able to tell if the certificate is installed by browsing to a Folder\Path or checking the Windows Registry?

    If it's possible, you could create a Custom Inventory Rule to track your certs.
    • We can see it in certlm
      • mmmmm..... that would be like asking KACE if a Word Document has the word 'California' on it... I don't think that is possible.

        Do you know if that certlm tool saves the info about certificates on the registry?

        Or If you are able to make certlm print a list of certificates to a TXT file, you could ask the agent to pull that TXT file and add it to each computer device detail page.

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If you can fetch the certs using a powershell command like"Get-ChildItem -Recurse Cert:" then you can use Custom Inventory rule to run the command in powershell and display the result under Inventory.
Answered 10/26/2018 by: AbhayR
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  • Build a Powershell Script to output a TXT file with all certificates installed for a Machine:

    $certs = Get-ChildItem cert:\LocalMachine -Recurse | Where-Object {-not $_.PSIsContainer} | Select *
    Write-Host ("There were {0} certificates" -f ($certs | Measure-Object).Count)
    $certs | Out-File c:\certs.txt

    Then use a Task 2 on that script to upload that certs.TXT file to the Inventory