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I'm trying to deploy an image of a Dell OptiPlex 7050 with an i7 Core and a 256GB SSD to a Dell Optiplex 5050 with an i5 Core and a 512 GB SSD.  I know computers with the same hardware can deploy images to eachother, but I've tried with  some laptops of different models and the Windows files were corrupted.  Is there a way to know which computers can accept which images?  Would a 7050 image work on the 5050?
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  • As long as it was sysprepped yes...

    But it always best to harvest images from Virtual Machines and NOT physical devices, a Sysprepped Image harvested from a VM... is an image you will be able to deploy to almost any device in the world.
  • To add to that, your sysprep answer file needs to be configured specifically to not persist drivers in order to avoid issues deploying across different models.

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Yes, you can.

The image just needs to be sysprepped and don't have to be some drivers on board.
Best practices can be found here:
Answered 07/18/2018 by: Nico_K
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