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Our security folks are telling me to change the default konfig account password.

1. If I do that, will anything be affected other than console logon?

2. Must I make the change from the console?

Thanks much.

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  • I believe that is not possible

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The konfig password is not configurable. Konfig is a console only account, and it's locked down to specific utilities created or vetted by KACE. If your security team still has concerns, please reach out to Support and provide us with details - referencing this post.

As another user pointed out, you can vote for the ability to change the password here: https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-sma-k1000/suggestions/35378962-ability-to-change-konfig-netdiag-passwords

Answered 06/27/2019 by: airwolf
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