I thought I could live with this after a few months I must figure out what to do, it drives me nuts.  I have tried this in various browsers (Chrome, Firefox), and my co-workers confirm that they have the same issue.

This is not true of all label groups, just one.  When I hover over it, there is a noticeable gap.  The gap is big enough, no matter what I try, that when I move to the sub-menu, it will disappear and I cannot select any sub-label in the label group.  See the screenshot.


This is super annoying.  Has anyone seen this before and no how to resolve it?

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  • Interesting. My sub-menu overlaps so much that it's also annoying, but you have the opposite problem.
    • You're telling me. But imagine having to open up the label from a separate tab and Ctrl+click opening up the labels in different tabs. I wish KACE admin pages had usable URLs. Hiding everything in the HTTP commands and have everything link with /admin/ drives me nuts.
      • Use /adminui instead of /admin to get direct links.
  • I almost squealed out loud. THANK YOU for the /adminui tip. I had no idea the difference that made in URL routing, and this will save me some time! Haha.

    EDIT: Not sure why but I cannot reply to your second post in the thread above. Weird. NoScript tomfoolery might get the best of me!
    • Replies can only go two levels deep here.
  • Great tip! Thanks.
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The weird menu offsets are a known issue. I was told by a dell support tech that it is specifically being addressed in 6.4.
Answered 08/03/2015 by: htomlinson
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