We are looking for a very simple data-capture method using a barcode scanner. All we really want is to be able to capture serial numbers with associated data (PO#, Date, Location, Model, etc. ) for export via CSV file that we can then import into the k1000 appliance. Any suggestions?
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We just built a new asset system here based on an AID (Asset IDentifier) tag and number which we stuck to all machines/projectors/screens/people that stood still long enough. Using a small app on a tablet or windows slate we can now very quickly get information about a lot of things via direct sql query to kace.
The scanners that we use are http://www.motorola.com/Business/US-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/Bar+Code+Scanning/General+Purpose+Scanners/LS2208_US-EN
We havent looked into multiple code scanners yet (ones that keep a list) but if we need to do that I just use my phone and email the csv to myself.

Is that what you mean? Hope I helped!
Answered 03/20/2012 by: Roonerspism
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  • I did this at my last employer. What you really have is 2 separate data sets here- hardware and location. We had our vendor (CDW) tag our assets with a barcode that had our asset ID on it. CDW also could give us a spreadsheet with the hardware info (serial number, date of purchase, model, etc) on it. Then I could use a pretty generic barcode scanner that would reade that asset ID, and then a simple database query would link the asset ID found to the asset ID in the spreadsheet.

    Keep in mind that, in every company I've worked for, employees tend to get moved for all kinds of reasons - some valid, some spurious. So keeping track of where people sit isa big challenge - I'd encourage you to have HR, Facilities or some other department keep track of that. If IT tries to do that, you'll spend a ton of time on record-keeping and not on solving technical problems.
  • I cant agree with you more Arminius, in our workplace we've managed to get it to the point that if someone moves desk they start a helpdesk ticket, this way we've got the movement information.
    Next step forward is a 'Staff ICT Equipment Movements' helpdesk which has two field, where you are and where you're moving to. A ticket rule will do the asset db info movement for us hopefully. That'll be a fun ticket rule to write! (Could work for owners too)
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I appreciate the original question is a little old, but we are now shipping, as of June 2014, our Barkode scanning app for the Dell KACE K1000 appliance, available for the IOS platform.

Using the app you are able to update existing computer asset data attributes, including department, cost centre, location and status. You are also able to view basic inventory from a barcode scan, add new computer assets and carry out bulk scans for the purpose of goods receiving or regular auditing. The app uses the IOS device's in built camera, or if you prefer we can supply laser scanner peripherals to enable quicker scanning particularly in low light or awkward positions.

To find out more simply visit www.KACEBarcode.com and fill in a contact form and we will be happy to run you a short demo session.

Answered 06/20/2014 by: Hobbsy
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