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i want to install teamviewer on each client if this is missing. Now i need to check it every day if its missing and assign it to an label. Can this be done automatically ?
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  • create a smart label which consists of systems without the special software and install it against this label. The wizard is perfect for this
    • I have an smart label like this. But do i need to run the script 1 time so it will automatically run every day ? this smart label needs to run this script every day so it will install on all pc`s that are joining the domain.
      • You can edit the schedule of a script to run as often as you like. Computers will receive the smart label when they check-in and then be targeted when the script runs. So there will be a little lag time between joining the domain and when the job runs, depending on your check-in schedule and script schedule.

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Create the label, and set the usage to device inventory. Then attach the label to your managed install. Create your smart label with the criteria for your install (i normally use the smart label wizard).. Something along the lines of:

Software Titles     does not contain      Teamviewer

and then the other criteria you need the label to meet.

Since you've made it a smart label, when a device checks in, and if it meets the criteria you setup in the label - it will install Teamviewer. No need to run it every day as it will deploy on it's own if the computer is missing the software.
Answered 06/06/2018 by: feeldamped
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