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We are preparing to deploy the Service Desk to our users in KACE.

We would like to setup a way for a ticket approver to be able to easily approve or reject without having to use the @approval= tag in the email.  Most of the people who do the approvals are on the move and do this from their mobiles frequently.  Logging into the portal to provide approval will seldom happen.  This is usually for a request for a permission change or access to a resource.  Not like a typical approval process for ticket progression.

Has anybody found an easy way to do this by providing a custom email response when the approver is selected that they can simply type Approved or Rejected?

An even more ideal way would be to provide Approved or Rejected Links in the email and they could just click one.

I haven't found a way to do this but training the users to use that tag would be minimally successful.



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  • Would using the K1000 Go App not work for the approvers?
    • It doesn't unfortunately. It won't show the ticket like it does in the WebGUI. It only shows tickets for the userID of the K1000 Go user.

      That being said, ultimately, having a link that either approves or rejects would be ideal but maybe that is a feature request. These guys have just been saying approved or not approved through email for years.
  • Do you have it setup now so that, when an approver sends that message (without "@approval="), it shows up in the comments?
  • We would have to add them as a CC for them to get notification. By using the approver function, they get the notification due to that and they can see it in the web gui too, but if they are just CC'd, then they can respond through email but not through the webgui since our users are not listed as ticket owners or admins.
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