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Hi everyone, sry if this question is somewhere posted already...

Is it possible to make a script which can deploy/install 2 or more applications consecutively, one after another? Is it done via Managed Installations, MSI Installer or simply in Scripting and how would it be done? Thank you.

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Posted by: SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
Red Belt

you can zip up all your apps to install with a batch file that calls the installs.  put a start /wait in front of each install line in  the batch file so they stay sequenced.  upload the zip as a managed installation and call the batch file on the install line

  • Can you paste .bat file with two programs for let say firefox and adobe reader? I presume its a few lines of code when you find time.
    Thank you man, you and Chuck are the best. - dlistar 6 years ago
    • I would not mix those but it look like this example
      ::uninstall old program prior to msi install below
      start /wait msiexec /x {AC5A2A1A-0999-4F40-B1DD-7631A24CD411} /qn
      ::install msi with quiet switches
      start /wait msiexec /i some.msi /qn
      start /wait msiexec /i another.msi /qn
      ::install exe with silent switch
      start /wait somefile.exe /silent
      start /wait anotherfile.exe /silent - SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
      • @echo off
        ::install msi with quiet switches
        start /wait msiexec.exe /i "7z920-x64.msi" INSTALLDIR="F:\ProgramFiles" /qn /norestart

        I've put 7zip into a zip folder along with install.bat file and then called it according to your SS but when the file is pushed onto a target machine, nothing happens... - dlistar 6 years ago
      • zip the files up and attach that zip to the MI and just put the name of the batch file in the run command. 7zip is not needed - SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
  • I did that; the output above is content of .bat file...I was trying to install 7zip as an example...I put install.bat and .msi of 7zip into that zip...and then I called .bat file... and nothing happens... - dlistar 6 years ago
    • Can you post the setup for the managed install? What options are selected, etc.? - chucksteel 6 years ago
      • Hi, I've uploaded the picture of MI to this site:
        http://oi62.tinypic.com/2it38ns.jpg - dlistar 6 years ago
      • Everything looks fine there. I would recommend unchecking the box to delete downloaded files. This will help you trouble shoot what happens. Uncheck the box and force the update on server-1. After the inventory updates you should find the installer in c:\programdata\dell\kace\downloads\. There will be a folder for each managed install that has run on the machine named for the software ID of the title being installed. Look in that folder to make sure that the zip file was downloaded and extracted properly. Depending on how you created the zip the installation files may be in a folder, if that is the case then your installation command needs to include the name of the folder. - chucksteel 6 years ago
  • I did, both zip folder and normal folder have downloaded there...and in extracted folder is .msi and .bat file ... when I try to double click on .bat file, nothing happens... is that a problem? - dlistar 6 years ago
    • I would open a command prompt as administrator, change directory to the folder and run the batch file and see what happens. - chucksteel 6 years ago
      • Edit: its working locally on my computer even with folder redirection... i've no idea why is not working remotely... - dlistar 6 years ago
    • The installer you choose may not install as system, try some other msi and see if the same thing happens. I added an answer with a working bat MI install I created. - SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
Posted by: chucksteel 6 years ago
Red Belt

You can have a managed install perform multiple installations but it would be better to create separate distributions, in my opinion.

To use a script with a managed install create a zip archive containing all of the installer files and a batch file that contains the installation script. Upload the zip file to one of the software titles included in the managed install then create the managed install specifying the name of the batch file for the installation command. 

  • I understand. Can you give example for one app installation file? - dlistar 6 years ago
    • The KACE knowledge base contains a walkthrough of creating an Office 2010 managed install:

      In order to use a script you would save the install.bat script in the same folder as setup.exe and then in the installation command enter install.bat instead of setup.exe.

      That's a more complicated installation than you may be looking for as an example but it works. - chucksteel 6 years ago
      • Ok, I'll try to that, thank you for your help. - dlistar 6 years ago
      • Is it possible to add 2 or more consecutive "install a software package" parts into one task? Why shouldn't this work? - dlistar 6 years ago
      • I'm not sure what you mean by one task. If you're using a script then you can certainly have it install as many packages as you can, but I always prefer to use a managed install for software installations. - chucksteel 6 years ago
  • Under "Policy or Job Rules" there are numerous tasks that can be created each with its own properties for different things... And yes, I was aiming at installing multiple packages... Its working that way,I checked... I'll try to do it your way also. Thank you again. - dlistar 6 years ago
Posted by: SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
Red Belt
here is my MI to remove affixa and install googleapps then modify them for routing through or SAML server.

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