Having issues getting agents pushed out to certain windows xp / Windows 7 machines, when I try and push out an agent I get this error which i posted below.  I talked with out Network admin and all those ports it states  could not be open are completely open, i also tried disabled the firewall completely and made sure file and print sharing was on but still no go.  Is anyone els getting these issues and is there something els that needs to be disabled?

"NETWORK/TCP ports not accessible" 

IP Address:
  MAC Address: (unknown)
  Host Name (from DNS):
  Suspected OS (from scan): unknown
  Action: unknown
  Provisioning Status: failed
  K1000 Agent Installed: No
  Error Category: NETWORK related failure.
Error: TCP ports not accessible

Possibly there is no machine at this IP address. Another possibility is that there is a router or firewall blocking the required ports. If Windows Firewall is turned ON, "File and Print Sharing" must be enabled in the Exceptions list of the Firewall Configuration.
  Record Created: 2012/04/16 08:50:11
  Record Last Modified: 2012/04/16 08:50:11
  Provisioning Log

[04/13/12 08:52:34 AM] Begin provisioning...
[04/13/12 08:52:34 AM] Executing Windows platform provisioning.
[04/13/12 08:52:34 AM] Probing tcp ports for accessibility.
[04/13/12 08:52:36 AM] Port 139 [netbios-ssn] not accessible
[04/13/12 08:52:36 AM] Port 445 [microsoft-ds] open


[04/13/12 08:52:36 AM] End provisioning run.
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At times there could be a switch bewteen that maybe blocking that port. What I would try is under the advance provisioning for this schedule, there is a section that says required ports. Try removing 139 and just leave 445. I've seen it work in the past but its a 50/50 shot. 


If that doesn't work you can also install the agent via GPO, login script, batch file....etc.  The KBOX is making the attempt but somewhere on your newtork 139 is being blocked. 

Answered 04/16/2012 by: nshah
Red Belt

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You are getting Error Category: NETWORK related failure.   Error: TCP ports not accessible


For Windows XP: 

- Turn Off 'Simple File Sharing'

- Enable 'File & Print Sharing' 

- Windows Firewall Exeptions for TCP 139, TCP 445


For Windows 7

- Turn UAC off

- Change Advance Sharing Settings Page - Turn on Network Discovery & Turn On File & Printer Sharing



or Use GPO to deploy agent: 


Answered 04/16/2012 by: Aaron Cool
Red Belt

  • UAC is off, and File and print sharing is enabled, and firewall exceptions have been set to allow i have also tried completely disableing firewall as well. I will try pushing the client via just 445 instead of both
    • I also did the same on my computers and same result. I checked the advanced firewall settings and noticed the Netbios is being blocked by the active directory. I contacted the admin group and they can not find wich policy is blocking the net bios. since we have the computers log to active directory, I disabled the domain firewall and it worked. I contacted KACE support but no luck. Any sugestions?
  • Are your Network Ports on Switches / hubs open for all the required TCP?
    • I also contacted the network group and the ports are not blocked. I do not know if active directory blocks port 139 by default, since exploits can be executed if is open
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