We are new to use the Kace 1000 and are using the Kace agent on our full desktop and our VMware Virtual Desktops. We noticed a significant drain on the VDI resources when the kace agent was checking it. To avoid this we have pulled back the agent checkin window to 11pm to 7am. This causes us to miss the faculty systems who are on campus during the day. 
Is there a way to separate the agent checkin window for our VM vs our full systems? We do have to smart labels that cover the two different device types.
I have heard there are also organizations that can be used but I don't think we have the Kace license that allows us to do this, or we're unsure of where the setting is.

Thanks you!
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  • Organizations is the only thing I can think of
    • How would I tell if we are licensed for multiple organizations or go to change the settings.
      • You can go to Settings > Appliance Update and click the help box next to the license key. Should say if you have ORGS but the changes are high you don't have them or you would have noticed things missing under Settings > Control Panel as they are moved to the http://yourkboxaddress/system side vs /admin
  • Agent check in cannot be controlled by labels, Orgs is the only way as nshah says. I am guessing that you do not want remote functionality such as deployment during the day, otherwise I would suggest that you up the checkin to 5-6 hours so that each machine only checks in once or twice a day
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