Hello, I have a folder called A2 installer and another file called TNSNames.ora, I want to overwrite the this folder that is present on

300 computers, which would be the best way of achevining this using K1000 Scripts ?, Should i use xcopy or robocopy ?

The contents of this folder will be copied to this location :C:\A2 and the TNSNames.ors file will goto this location :








 Can you tell me if the above will work ?  have added tnsnames.ora as a dependancy

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  • I would probably use a file synchronization to copy the files to the system.
  • how would i do that
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if you are talking a few files you can create a kscript, upload load them as dependancies and use xcopy and copy them from the $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) to the destination.  Another option is to zip the directory and one file up together, upload that zip as a dependancy and use the unzip call in kscripts to unzip it to the destination.

Answered 09/19/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • ok thanks
  • do i need to unzip it really
  • Depending on the size of the folder, I would use the file sync option in kace. then you don't have to worry about unzipping it, it will do it. create one FS for your folder and another for your file.
  • where would i find the sync option?
    • look under the "distribution" tab on top and you will see a sub tab "file synchronization"
  • ok thankyou
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