We are trying to replace some power managment we have been using with the KACE power management on our computers.  We have 3 groups of power managment.

1.  Is always on - these are the easy ones.  They are in secured areas and never go off, never go to sleep.

2.  Always on Busienss Hours - at 7 am we set the rules to not have the computer go to sleep.  This kicks in once the user logs on.  Used for some public inquiry stations, cash receipting systems, court rooms, etc.  At 17:30 we set the rules to sleep the monitor after 10 minutes and to set the system to sleep after 20 minutes of  no acticity.  We force the computers to re-boot at 17:45 to make sure they are logged off.

3.  Normal Workstations - at 7am we set them up to have the monitor go to sleep after 20 minutes of no use, the system goes asleep after 1 hour of no use.  At 17:30 we switch them to 10 minutes sleep on moniotr and the computer to sleep after 30 minutes.

Anybody else doing anything like this?  Do you have any scripts that might help us with the setup?  We went through the wizard and built the plans and distributed them, but they don't turn on.  We have to manual turn them on.

Thanks for any tips....

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