After updating our K2000 from 3.5 to 3.6 we found that our Adobe Reader XI fails to install as a post install task. The task fails and gives me the following -


Our file structure is as follows that is located in C:\KACE\Applications\39

The Batch file reads

msiexec.exe /I adberdr11000_en_us.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst /passive
msiexec.exe /update AdbeRdrUpd11004.msp /passive


The actual post installation task has the folder zipped up correctly and the command line just has AdobeReader.bat. We are not using the call or start instruction.


Any help would be appreciated

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  • If I run the command option from the above screen and manually change to the C:\KACE\Applications\39 and tell it to run Adobereader.bat it seems to work. So the question what is happening that causes KACE either not to see this file or be in a different default directory when trying to execute the task.
  • I've moved the /passive to before the MSI and MSP instruction as follows -
    msiexec.exe /passive /i adberdr11000_en_us.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst
    msiexec.exe /passive /update AdbeRdrUpd11004.msp

    Testing now and will see what happens.
  • check the xml code also if it fails again and note the type of file the engine encode this as (app, script, bat). I have had it think the task was a exe when it was a bat file and that would cause that type of error
  • Failed - here is the XML code for the task

    According to the XML<Task ID="86">
    <Name>Install Adobe Reader XI - TEST</Name>
  • Simple.

    1642 is telling you that the patch isn't correct for the installed product.


    How you proceed depends on why WI thinks that that's the case. Does the patch get applied in a stand-alone test? If you remove the patch entry from the command ilfe, does that flavour of Reader get installed?

    BTW, my rule of thumb for command files and script of any kind is: aways, always, always, always, ALWAYS use full paths for everything on the command line. Never EVER assume that the OS will find the file.
    • I will look at this further thank you.
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Hi Jason,

if you try directly a post install without bat 

import just msi file and use cde line :

msiexec.exe /I adberdr11000_en_us.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst /qn

work or not?

on your bat script if you try to add : 

start /wait msiexec.exe /I adberdr11000_en_us.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst /qn
start /wait msiexec.exe /update AdbeRdrUpd11004.msp /qn

i hope that can help you

Answered 06/05/2014 by: rollerinvinh
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See last post for answer
Answered 07/16/2014 by: jason.rfpco
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Ok to fix this issue... as it is working now... we modified the batch file to read -

msiexec /passive /i adberdr11000_en_us.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst
msiexec /passive /update AdbeRdrUpd11004.msp

Answered 06/12/2014 by: jason.rfpco
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