How does 1 asset get listed multiple times under assets? for example, If I do a search for a computer by computer name (PC_ABC123) it might show up 7 times under assets. does it have anything to do with a PC being reimaged or reassigned?



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  • Thanks for the info, thats a great help. On a side note, we also have about 20 tablets in production. They are also causing us a problem showing up multiple times unders assets and inventory. I read on here somewhere that its to do with tablets/laptops changing over from hard wired to wireless to 3G/4G to quick. Any suggestions on getting around that issue? Thanks in advance.
  • That I am not sure as it really shouldn't change the KUID on the device and cause multiple entries.
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It has to do with reimaging. A new KUID can be formed when you reimage with in the KBOX is a new system. Hence the duplicates. If you want to get around that you can.


1. Under Asset > Asset Type > Computer

change the mapping from system name to BIOS serial number and using the green plus sign create a new column besides name called BIOS. Save and then go back into the Computer table and change the name to BIOS. 

This way when you want to reimage a device, delete the old name out of the Inventory module before you reinstall the agent ( you are going to want to do that anyways to reclaim a license key). This way the KBOX will think its the same system since the BIOS numbers match. You forget to delete it out of Inventory and it will create a duplicate in Assets. 


2. You can try to capture the current KUID and then override the new one created. If you have the K2000 you could do it as a task. Timing would be key on that.

3. If you don't care about keeping the record of the old system, you can just delete both Inventory and Assets record before you reimage. 

Answered 11/25/2013 by: nshah
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