SAN FRANCISCO - July 7, 2004- Zero G Software, the experts in the deployment and delivery of enterprise applications, today announced the immediate availability of InstallAnywhere.NET. An innovative new application deployment solution that closes the loop on advanced Microsoft Windows and Microsoft .NET Framework-based software installations, InstallAnywhere.NET takes full advantage of Windows Installer (MSI) without any need for proprietary scripts or add-ons. Optimized for the enterprise, InstallAnywhere.NET produces pure Windows Installer-compliant packages that configure and deploy enterprise class Windows, and .NET Framework-based applications.

InstallAnywhere.NET was designed to help IT managers and software developers manage enterprise deployments using standardized setups. Until now, the only option for Windows developers has been to use traditional installation tools that either require custom install scripts for full functionality, or do not give full access to advanced Windows Installer features. This has been especially problematic for enterprise developers, as traditional installation tools do not easily integrate with systems management products such as Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS).

"InstallAnywhere.NET is the only solution that is ready for enterprise Windows deployments," said Eric N. Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Zero G Software. "Traditional Windows installation tools are good for legacy applications and consumer software that will not be deployed and managed by an enterprise IT operations team. Using them for enterprise deployments is either too limited for today's .NET Framework-based applications; or too complex, requiring extensive repackaging before they can be properly deployed and managed. InstallAnywhere.NET was specifically designed to build, configure and deploy enterprise class Windows and .NET Framework applications that can be easily managed using systems management products such as Microsoft SMS and the upcoming Microsoft System Center 2005."

InstallAnywhere.NET makes the creation of Windows Installer deployment packages easier. This includes the ability to analyze installation logs and troubleshoot problems during MSI package authoring, with an early validation and problem-detection system that lets you know about problems before you deploy a package. InstallAnywhere.NET produces installers that work right the first time, and reduces the costs of development, quality assurance, deployment, and management of enterprise applications.

"Microsoft is pleased that Zero G is offering developers a tool to exploit the power of Windows Installer technology," said Richard Burte, product manager in the .NET Developer Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp. "The introduction of InstallAnywhere.NET gives our mutual customers an impressive tool for enterprise software deployments."

"After evaluating other Windows installation tools, we have selected InstallAnywhere.NET for the enterprise deployment of our web services management software," said Guru Prasad, Software Engineer at AmberPoint, Inc. "InstallAnywhere.NET gives our development team a set of simple, elegant, yet powerful tools for quickly and cost-effectively deploying web services that are ready for business-critical use. With features such as the log analyzer, MSI table editor and built-in actions to modify text files and configure .NET Framework-based applications, we've already decided to use InstallAnywhere.NET for our existing and future products."

For enterprise software teams with automated production and build environments, InstallAnywhere.NET can be integrated directly into a build process using an extensive COM-based automation interface and command-line build options. InstallAnywhere.NET is the only installer tool to integrate with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), giving developers unprecedented ability to customize their MSI authoring workflow.

Enterprise Class Deployment Features

InstallAnywhere.NET delivers a commercial-grade set of unique, enterprise class, deployment features. Available only with InstallAnywhere.NET, these features include:

Pure Windows Installer technology. InstallAnywhere.NET is a complete Microsoft Windows and .NET deployment solution based on 100 percent pure Windows Installer (MSI) technology. It provides a single integrated development environment (IDE) that exposes and leverages the full power of MSI packages in an easy to use, task-based IDE.

Customizable, extensible build environment. InstallAnywhere.NET can be integrated into automated software build processes using an extensive COM-based automation interface in addition to command-line build tools. The InstallAnywhere.NET XML project files allow for easy modification outside of the IDE along with management through software version control systems, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. InstallAnywhere.NET is also the only deployment solution to integrate with Visual Basic for Applications, providing unprecedented options to extend the IDE by adding custom macros and functionality.

Real-time problem determination and issue resolution. InstallAnywhere.NET utilizes a proactive, real-time validation engine that instantly identifies potential issues and problems during authoring rather than waiting until deployment. The validation engine provides alerts based upon Windows Installer best practices, saving time throughout installer authoring, quality assurance, and deployment processes.

Built-in localization. InstallAnywhere.NET produces global installation projects with complete installer localization for 28 different pre-configured languages and locales, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. This enables deployment of applications to a global audience without purchasing any language add-on packs.

Optimized for .NET application installations. InstallAnywhere.NET is optimized for enterprise class .NET applications. It allows the Microsoft .NET Framework to be downloaded and installed on demand if required, registers .NET Framework assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), installs web services directly into IIS, performs XSL transformations on .NET Framework configuration files, runs an assembly's embedded installation class, and optimizes .NET Framework assemblies by running the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler at install time. Only InstallAnywhere.NET has the functionality to handle all of these .NET Framework-based application deployment requirements.

Windows Installer log analysis. InstallAnywhere.NET helps developers troubleshoot installation problems by reading and analyzing the Windows Installer log, reporting summary and detail information, identifying errors and problems, and suggesting recommended resolutions. The reports are presented in easy-to-read color-coded HTML.

Extended functionality with built-in and custom actions.InstallAnywhere.NET lets developers extend installer functionality beyond the capabilities of Windows Installer with the addition of built-in and custom actions. These actions can be inserted into an installer to execute DLLs, launch sub-installers, or run third-party applications or scripts. InstallAnywhere.NET comes with additional built-in actions to execute SQL statements on a Microsoft SQL Server database, post data to a web server, make modifications to text files, and perform XSL transformation on XML files. Developers can add their own custom actions, or even enter some Visual Basic development system Scripting or JavaScript directly through the IDE.

Pricing and Availability

InstallAnywhere.NET is available immediately in a full-featured 20-day trial version via download at, or by calling a Zero G sales representative at +1.415.512.7771 x4. The purchase price of InstallAnywhere.NET, which includes built-in support for 28 Eastern and Western languages, is $1,199. The complete line of Zero G products is available for evaluation and may be downloaded from the company's web site at, or by calling +1.415.512.7771 x4.

About Zero G Software

Zero G expertise and leadership is driving industry innovation, and transforming the way companies deploy, deliver, and configure applications. The recognized leader in multiplatform software deployment since 1996, Zero G has brought new momentum to the deployment of advanced Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework-based applications. The companyÂ’s award-winning product line includes InstallAnywhere, the de facto multiplatform standard; InstallAnywhere.NET, an innovative Windows Installer solution; and PowerUpdate, the industryÂ’s first multiplatform update tool. Zero G solutions and services are relied upon by thousands of the worldÂ’s top commercial software producers, including IBM, HP, Intel, Novell, Borland, and Sun Microsystems. Privately-held Zero G Software, Inc. is based in San Francisco, and can be reached at +1.415.512.7771, or at

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