Snow Software has released a new version of Snow License Manager that further simplifies, streamlines and automates the SAM processes. The focus of the new version is to enable direct cost savings through automatic installations/removals as well as added support for licenses in virtual environments.

Instant cost savings

Improved decision times and increased efficiency are the instant effects of the new version of Snow License Manager. Local SAM owners can, without the need for technical competency, simply right click and choose to add or remove installations from computers. This will increase the efficiency in which you deploy and manage applications providing you with internal cost savings and a productive IT department.

Added support for virtual license management

Snow License Manager 2010 5.1 provides a fully automated license management solution for virtual environments. Snow License Manager allows you to automatically manage the relationship between virtual guests and their physical host in Hyper V environments coupled with support for cluster and Datacenter licensing.

Support for additional license forms

Secondary use rights allows you to manage licenses that cover installations of applications on different PC's using the same license, for example a desktop and a laptop. The new version also includes support for multiple version licensing - allowing multiple version of the same software to be installed on a single computer.