Endeavors Technology today announces that Wyse Technology, a worldwide leader in end-to-end server centric access to Web and Windows applications, has signed a technology agreement and will embed Endeavors' AppExpress on-demand application delivery technology into their server centric computing solutions.

Existing Wyse enterprises will also be able to upgrade their solutions with AppExpress technology to deliver applications on-demand to users across their networks.

Endeavors' AppExpress typically streams computer applications on-demand from a centrally controlled server to clients in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. It enables IT administrators to tightly manage and control their licensing agreements with software vendors, provides anti-piracy protection, eliminates time-consuming tasks of installing upgrades to programs at the desktop level, and reduces bandwidth and hardware expenditures through its compression and scalability technology.

"By embedding AppExpress on-demand application delivery technology into our thin client framework so that only small parts of an application needed by a user at any given time is streamed to a machine rather than everything all at once, we continue to leverage the advantages of server-centric computing," said Mark Calomeni, vice president of Wyse Technology. "The Wyse and Endeavors partnership strengthens the fact that implementing centralized IT solutions is the best answer for addressing today's critical customer challenges."

About Wyse Technology

Wyse Technology maximizes the benefits of server-centric computing and centralized IT. The company delivers access to Windows and web applications and has end-to-end expertise from the server, through the network, to the desktop. Wyse makes server-centric computing more manageable and cost-effective through: software that delivers better ROI from existing servers and PCs; desktop and mobile thin clients that provide easy and affordable access to information; software tools that manage a broad spectrum of information access devices; and professional services to make it all work better together. Wyse customers gain a greater return from their existing technology investments, mitigate business risks, and improve their bottom line. The company has been #1 in thin-client market share for the last seven years, and has been named Microsoft "Embedded Partner of the Year" for three years running. The company has headquarters in San Jose, California, with offices worldwide. For more information, visit the Wyse Website at or call 1-800-GET-WYSE

About Endeavors Technology

Endeavors Technology gives service providers a fast, economical, and piracy-free approach to application distribution and streaming while providing an interactive connection to the end user that tracks usage statistics. The client-centric architecture offers dramatic improvements in scalability and reduced operational costs compared to existing technologies, and significantly lowers the cost of ownership by reducing IT setup, maintenance and support efforts by providing automated application management. The EndeavorsÂ’ solution eliminates the need to install applications, upgrades or patches on individual client devices.

Endeavors Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (, a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (EPIC-TAD). Its flagship product, AppExpress, enables the secure and rapid deployment of Windows-based software to desktops. The trialware version enables ISVs to run full try-before-buy product campaigns, and provides strong license management controls to eliminate piracy. Visit the Endeavors Technology website at