Topeka, KS – Westar Energy recently completed an enterprise wide critical update software distribution using Insystek, Inc.’s NSMC. The critical update consisted of service pack 6a for Windows NT and service pack 3 for Windows 2000 Professional as well as other smaller security patches. The size of the software distribution exceeded 250 MB to each of the 1,100 + workstations in their enterprise.

The software distribution queuing process used by NSMC allowed for a better than 97% successful distribution rate. The remaining less than three percent of the workstations were either never powered on within the environment, returned to inventory since the initiation of the software distribution, or had a configuration problem that required a technician to resolve.

Westar Energy officials were extremely pleased with the results, given the massive size of the distribution itself and the extremely high success rate. The most amazing part of the success is NSMC was able to perform all of this without any client code on the target workstations. The NSMC product suite is able to accomplish asset management, system monitoring, and software distribution by leveraging technology built into the Microsoft Windows operating system.