MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., - April 25, 2002 - Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA), the Software Change Management Company, today announced that Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) will utilize Marimba’s Desktop/Mobile Management products to distribute and manage software across more than 40,000 desktop and mobile computers worldwide. Unisys will rely on Marimba® technology to distribute software and software updates, media files, and collect hardware and software inventory data – all in an effort to reduce IT administrative costs, while improving its quality of service.

Reliable Software Distribution

Unisys was challenged with having to perform software updates to a geographically and technologically diverse set of end-users. Marimba was chosen to provide the change management solution to satisfy Unisys management needs and be deployed in as fast as three months.

“Reliable software distribution is not a new problem. However, the amount of applications such as virus protection, need to be updated more frequently and in a timely manner,” said Dave Gardiner, vice president of technology & architecture at Unisys Corporation. “We have users on all operating systems located throughout the world with all types of network connectivity. At the same time, the need to provide our end-users with software and updates in a controlled and deterministic fashion is continually growing. Using Marimba’s Desktop/Mobile Management products, we can reach all of our users quickly and reliably.”

Accurate, Non-Intrusive Inventory Collection

The same constraints that make software distribution a challenge also impact UnisysÂ’ ability to obtain an accurate view of their hardware and software inventory. One important requirement was the ability to perform frequent inventory collections without disrupting users or consuming large amounts of corporate bandwidth.

“Ultimately, we envision a system where software distributions are governed by a consolidated license availability database,” said Adrian Smith, software contracts manager, Unisys. “The first step is to obtain an accurate view of licenses in use. Marimba’s inventory technology will provide us with a timely, accurate view of our hardware and software inventory without burdening or slowing down our end-users.”

The open and extensible nature of MarimbaÂ’s Inventory module and its back-end database are important to Unisys in meeting its licensing management goals. The collected inventory data will be used to reconcile license counts and detect inactive licenses to limit unnecessary software licensing expenses. By collecting extensive hardware and software inventory data, the Unisys IT organization can gain greater control of its desktop and laptop systems, thereby lowering its cost of ownership.

Network-Friendly Operation

Tom Tribble, director of architecture at Unisys Corporation, cited MarimbaÂ’s lightweight, scalable infrastructure and bandwidth management capabilities were critical considerations in Unisys evaluation of MarimbaÂ’s software. With MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management products, Unisys administrators will be able to control the maximum amount of bandwidth used for software distributions and inventory management. By setting a hard limit or percentage limit on bandwidth consumed, administrators can help ensure that the performance of other applications using the network are not affected by application downloads.

“Unisys’ corporate network is widely distributed and efficiently managed, with no excess bandwidth,” said Dave Frymier, director of infrastructure engineering at Unisys Corporation. “Therefore, it’s important to us that our desktop and mobile management tool works in a network-friendly manner. Marimba’s solution is a good fit because it will allow us to provide a very high level of service to our users without requiring any network upgrades.”

About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company whose 39,000 people help clients in more than 100 countries utilize technology to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and succeed in the global economy. The company offers a rich portfolio of business solutions led by its expertise in consulting and systems integration, outsourcing, network services and security, coupled with leading enterprise-class server and related technologies. Primary vertical markets for Unisys worldwide are the financial services, transportation, communications, media, commercial and public sectors, including U.S. federal government customers. For more information on the company, access the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web at Investor information can be found at

About Marimba

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