I work at a University and we have something like 15 main softwares that are included on our "Gold" Windows 7 Images. After that there is a long tail orf probably another 40 or 50 softwares that are installed on only a handful (sometimes only 1) of machines.

I look forward to bothering all of you people quite often as I attempt to create a customized silent installer for as many of these titles as possible. :D

Currently I include as much software as possible on the Gold image, and then capture the .WIM for that system which is then included in a win7 Source CD which is deployed from the K1 with scripted installs.

Of course this doesn't work out for all of our needs, and so I end up created other custom scripted installs, or less frequently have installed the needed software as a post-installation task.

I would like to get to the point where I install most of the softwares as a post-installation task as it increases the ease in maintaining the software.

And thus ends this random brain-dump, thanks!