Topeka, KS – SYTEX Lockheed Martin recently implemented the INSYSTEK® NSMC, an Agentless™, integrated IT management solution, allowing them to comprehensively manage their networked environment and drive down IT management costs.

SYTEX Lockheed Martin is a strong provider of multidisciplinary services for program and systems management, logistics, homeland security, intelligence, engineering, operations and maintenance, training and all facets of information operations, security, and assurance. Employing more than 3,000 people worldwide, SYTEX Lockheed Martin reported 2004 revenue of $425 million.

Keeping Track

SYTEX Lockheed Martin’s Network Administrator, Michael Jackson is tasked with managing not only local users in his immediate environment, but also a number of mobile users as well. To manage his geographically dispersed environment he uses the INSYSTEK® Network Services Management Console (NSMC), a comprehensive IT asset management solution that incorporates system inventory, software distribution, and performance and availability monitoring capabilities for the Windows environment.

Currently Jackson does weekly scans of all client computers with the NSMC to make sure that the systems are license compliant. ”The NSMC is very easy to use and generates quality reports for presentations and monthly reports on the status of our software licensing.” explains Jackson. The NSMC reporting features in fact save SYTEX Lockheed Martin a significant amount time when generating reports, because very little (if any) modification is required in order to present that data to users who are not familiar with licensing, but who require feedback on the current license status of the organization.

“We also allow our mobile users and VP’s to have administrator access on their notebooks; this creates the potential of users installing their own applications - the NSMC has been key in preventing this from happening. We also use the NSMC Monitor View on a daily basis to check the status of our users and monitor for any configuration changes in real time.”

Software Compliance Solved

SYTEX Lockheed Martin is now able to comprehensively and accurately track software licensing and software usage throughout the entire organization. “The NSMC has solved our license tracking problems” states Jackson. “No longer do we have to worry about users installing their own software, because the software license tracker continually updates their computer’s status and red-flags any changes for us automatically. This feature provides great visual feedback and combined with a graphic representation of our office layout, we know exactly where each computer is located and when a specific changed occurred.”

On Schedule

The ability to schedule automatic updates and scans also saves SYTEX Lockheed Martin on time previously spent manually administering each network. That time saved translates directly into money saved. The NSMC can be set to scan all of their systems, in all of their networks at a scheduled time, so all that the administrators have to do is check the reports that are automatically generated for them.

“A couple of the many other aspects of the NSMC we find particularly useful are the speed of the updates, and the ability to compare past scans with current scan data in order to better detect changes in our environment” concludes Jackson. “With the NSMC, managing our IT infrastructure has definitely never been easier.”

“By helping organizations to stream-line their IT processes– more efficiently than ever before – we’re enabling those processes to better support the business needs of the organization and shift the focus from the management of the management tools,” explains Alex Turner, CEO of INSYSTEK, “and with a single, integrated tool allowing them to manage those areas directly affecting organizational performance.”


INSYSTEK, Inc. has established itself as a leader in Agentless™ IT management software, supplying solutions that enable system auditing/inventorying, software distribution/removal, and server performance & availability monitoring capabilities to clients in business, government, education and healthcare in North America, Europe and Africa.

More information on INSYSTEK and the full range of INSYSTEK Agentless™ IT management solutions, including free trial versions, can be found at or by sending an e-mail to or calling toll free 1-877-467-9783.