I do quite a bit of packaging in quite a few different places.
A lot of people seem very impressed by this tiny little key board shortcut... (Strange I know)

Yes, I know it was there in WinXP (if you used the little add on tool)

But its very handy now with UAC (since we are clever and leave this turned ON)

When you have an Elevated CMD prompt running you can't drag MSI's or bat files into the window, there is a very good reason for this and it has to do with security and UAC.

So, don't get stressed, to execute the thing you want to run in the elevated CMD, just locate the file, hold down the Shift button, Right click with the mouse, and select 'Copy as Path'

Also worth noting, its better to do this from a UNC path NOT a mapped drive, if you have mapped the drive in Explorer before you run the elevated CMD the elevated session wont have access to the drive letter.