RWK Systems, Inc. Acquires PackageCleaner: Now Available as part of the AppDeploy Library

HAYMARKET, VA -- July 17 2006 – RWK Systems, Inc., in an effort to better position its AppDeploy Library subscription offering, announced today that it has acquired the popular PackageCleaner software from iTripoli, Inc. PackageCleaner is a unique quality assurance tool for Windows Installer repackagers which helps administrators identify unneeded and potentially dangerous elements which may be inadvertently included in repackaged MSI setups.

Existing Customers

“It was important to all involved that the existing customer base be taken care of”, said RWK Systems President, Bob Kelly. “To that end, all those who have purchased PackageCleaner in the past are eligible for this latest release regardless of upgrade eligibility“. Users will be notified via email, may log in using their existing support account at the PackageCleaner website, or may write RWK Systems directly at

Notable Changes

PackageCleaner is now available as exclusive content to the AppDeploy Library. In addition to the thousands of documents on application deployment and the hours of exclusive training videos provided, PackageCleaner is now offered as a key component of this already valuable resource. PackageCleaner no longer requires product activation. Further, purchase of the AppDeploy library authorizes the owner for a site license of PackageCleaner, where it may be used on an unlimited number of systems within any single organization.

PackageCleaner no longer provides a feedback loop for incorporating user feedback from within the application. Previously such information was collected from feedback links in the application which where then incorporated as regular updates to users. Instead, updates will be released periodically via a subscription to the AppDeploy Library. Additionally, PackageCleaner 2.0 does provide a simple mechanism for adding custom entries that behave just as those provided by the built-in PackageCleaner database. Suggestions for custom entries and the discussion on the topic in general will be the focus of a new message board forum introduced at

In support of those users who wish to continue contributing and downloading regular database updates from within the application, the iTripoli PackageCleaner website will continue to provide data updates and product activation for the earlier [iTripoli] versions of PackageCleaner through July of 2007. The same database updates available via the AppDeploy Library subscription will be compiled and updated during this timeframe based largely on feedback submitted by users via the new message board and those who continue to use the deprecated feedback options of these earlier releases.

This latest release is also built upon version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework which alleviates some problems that had been experienced by some users running the earlier release on systems with the newer release of the .NET Framework installed.

About PackageCleaner

PackageCleaner is a quality assurance tool for those repackaging legacy applications into Windows Installer setups (MSI files) using products such as Package Studio, AdminStudio or WinInstall. PackageCleaner serves as an add-in for an organizationÂ’s repackaging process no matter what products are currently used by helping to identify and describe elements that may not belong in a repackaged MSI setup. It offers suggestions on what elements may cause problems and what may safely be left in. Including files in a setup that do not belong results in a dirty package which may become the source for a number of deployment and operational problems. PackageCleaner serves as the only descriptive resource for this information and even provides a simple mechanism to exclude (or subsequently include) any items deemed unwanted in the MSI setup.

About the AppDeploy Library

The AppDeploy Library is offered as a single or subscription DVD which contains a growing list of exclusive training videos (currently over two hours worth) as well as over seven thousand searchable documents. Content consists of package details, tips, FAQs, an MSI error reference, product reviews, articles, related news, deployment product details, download Links and information on a number of industry service providers. This and other exclusive content, now to include PackageCleaner, is available at