Houston, TX, December 10, 2002 -- Pocket Soft today announced that New Version 7 of the industry-standard byte-level patching solution is now available.

"New RTPatch Pro Version 7 adds value to Microsoft's Windows Installer technology by providing additional solutions for advanced patching requirements beyond the design intent of Windows Installer patching. The Version 7 RTPatch Build engine produces both .msp and .rtp files, so it supports both Windows Installer and non-Windows Installer patching. Version 7 makes the power and reliability of over 10 years of heavy real-world RTPatching available to Windows Installer patching. Version 7 also addresses several important issues which are specific to Windows Installer," said Pocket Soft CEO, Bill Wise. "We don't regard RTPatch Pro 7 as a competitor to Microsoft's Windows Installer patching (nor to the installation utilities which include it, such as InstallShield Developer 8, or Wise for Windows Installer 4, etc.). RTPatch Pro extends the reach of Windows Installer technology by providing advanced patching capabilities with uncompromising reliability to the market segment where they are necessary to efficiently provide mission critical updates."

RTPatch Pro 7's unique Windows Installer capabilities reduces "source media" requirements, provides graphical and scripting language support, offers a full patching feature set, and provides proven safety and reliablity.

Continued Patching Innovation and Leadership

In 1991, Pocket Soft introduced the first general-purpose byte-level patching software product. We have continued to innovate but always with uncompromising dedication to safety and reliability..

Pricing and Availability

RTPatch Pro 7 is available immediately from Pocket Soft and through a network of authorized distributors worldwide.

New single developer licenses are US$2,750 (updates both Windows Installer and non-Windows Installer installations) and includes unlimited voice, fax, and e-mail tech support by qualified software engineers, all upgrades and updates to 7.xx and the option to purchase Version 8 (when available) at a 60% discount.

Upgrades are available to 6.xx users for $1,100 and to users of all other versions for US$1,650. A $250 discount is valid until January 31, 2003.

About Pocket Soft, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Pocket Soft is a software engineering company which specializes in adding value to Microsoft and Unix/Linux system software.

Since 1991, Pocket Soft has specialized in patching software. RTPatch is used by developers and administrators in major computer industry companies, Fortune 2000 companies, and government agencies. Prior to 1991, Pocket Soft created the first operating system for PC-DOS compatible handheld computers, the first virtual memory linker which allowed DOS programs to exceed 640kb, and the first anti-thrashing heap management software for early versions of Windows.

Pocket Soft is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Please visit for more information.