As KACE support FAQs recommend, I contacted the KACE support for details on how to reset my ticket counter within my KACE service desk.  While waiting for them to reply, I was toying with the importing of tickets using the FAQ: .  Upon importing 1 asset, and modifying it while it was an asset, and importing it, I accidentally* skipped 25000 ticket IDs.  A ticket was made that took the next incrementing value, 25001.  Uh oh.

I modified the asset once more, taking the iD back down to 800.  Next ticket made, 25002.  uh oh.

I went into the help desk, deleted the ticket (as the queue allowed) and submitted another ticket to my kace.  801.  yay!

Further toying with the ticket create rules provided in the FAQ I discovered that the rule will run and create the HD_TICKET_CHANGE and HD_TICKET information ONLY IF the ID is not in use.  so 800 could not be made again. 

What this means:  By archiving tickets and then modifying a imported ticket asset (again, follow the FAQ!) to have the ID of which you wish to start, and running the ticket rules, as long as all ticket ID's higher than where you want to start are deleted or archives, you can reset your ticket counter this way!

While all this was happening, I had forgotten about my KACE ticket.

Now my turn to gripe:  The support tech proceeded to tell me that I had stumbled upon something, and I should backup my KACE and keep playing with it.  I suppose contacting them for the .bin to reset the ticket counter was not such a useful thing after all :(