Per update from KACE_Mary, 5.4 FAQ did work, 5.5 did require a little manipulation, but now even more iffy in 6.x so no more open support for this.

The FAQ provided by KACE support, is extremely helpful and full of knowledge, and also comes with 2 great ticket rules.

However, during my testing phase for all of this, I noticed something was note populating:  COMMENTS!

As I dug through and checked out the HD_TICKET_CHANGE database, I noticed that the rules provided DO write the comment into the HD_TICKET_CHANGE.COMMENT data table, but nothing shows.  Comparing this data string to those of tickets created naturally shows that there is also a data table called HD_TICKET_CHANGE.COMMENT_LOC.  What this data table does is a mystery to me, but anything in the COMMENT field, was also in the COMMENT_LOC.

I took it upon myself to modify the provided SQL and add COMMENT_LOC to the INSERT INTO Statement, and in the appropriate position on the values section.  I simply repeated the FIELD105 (for me, which was the comment section of the ASSET_DATA_19 (Which was my asset table for TICKET types).  I ran the ticket rule and the ticket information was created, but now the comment was in both the COMMENT and COMMENT_LOC blocks.

I went to check out the ticket, and yyaayyy!!!!  I HAVE COMMENTS!!!!

I do not know if this COMMENT_LOC was added post-FAQ-publishing, or if the way comments function have changed, but this did the trick for me.


Long story short, if you're using this FAQ:  I had to add COMMENT_LOC and a corresponding value that matches the COMMENT value in order to get imported tickets to have comments!