PowerQuest® Corporation, a provider of storage lifecycle automation to businesses worldwide, announces PowerQuest V2i Builder™, a solution that empowers IT organizations with automated and centralized management of their operating system (OS) deployments, migrations, software distributions and PC changes.

V2i Builder extends traditional PC and server lifecycle management by combining Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i™) technology together with plain-language, policy-based action sets to automate and streamline common IT tasks. V2i Builder provides IT administrators remote management and automated deployment from a centralized location through V2i Builder’s new management console, virtually eliminating the need to physically visit each workstation. Currently, V2i Builder is available in North America for Windows® OS platforms.

Based on PowerQuest’s Storage Lifecycle Automation Management™ (SLAM) architecture, V2i Builder leverages PowerQuest’s V2i technology to provide businesses a faster process for building and maintaining their workstation and server environments by automating system upgrades, OS deployments and system refreshes. By using V2i Builder, IT administrators can eliminate manual procedures and complicated scripts to dynamically determine what actions to take based on policy and history associated with users and PCs.

“PowerQuest V2i Builder empowers us to efficiently service our customers' varying deployment, migration and ongoing system management needs,” says Chris Power, president of Power Consulting, an independent technology consulting firm in New York. “We also use V2i Builder to automate clients’ very common, but time-consuming management tasks such as rebuilding Windows systems. We can significantly reduce customer time and costs by automating the PC and server lifecycle and giving them the tools from PowerQuest to manage their changing PC environments."

V2i BuilderÂ’s plain-language Action Sets simplify many common tasks by dynamically determining what actions to take based on policy and history associated with users and PCs.

V2i Builder also includes PowerQuest DeployCenter™ 5.5, the latest version of its toolset to help corporations rapidly deploy images, including operating systems and applications, to give IT administrators greater flexibility and control in deploying and upgrading Windows workstations. For customers with existing management consoles or customers who don’t need the enterprise or automated focus of V2i Builder, PowerQuest continues to offer PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 as a standalone solution.

In addition to its existing multi-cast functionality, PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 now includes the ability to unicast images, which eases remote deployment and requires less direct administrator involvement. Administrators can also mount images utilizing ImageExplorer, which gives them greater flexibility in managing images and performing tasks such as accessing individual files from within the image or scanning for viruses. PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 also includes a new PXE server to increase the power and control of remote, unattended deployments.

V2i Builder is comprised of additional components to help IT administrators deploy, migrate and manage PC changes, including the following:

• PowerQuest PowerMigration DNA™: This powerful migration option offers V2i Builder users the most comprehensive and flexible solution for the management, movement and maintenance of a PC’s DNA – the unique configurations, settings, preferences and data of each PC. PowerQuest PowerMigration DNA is a product of Miramar System’s patented Desktop DNA Technology.

• PowerQuest Deploy Toolkit™: This solution leverages a company’s existing Windows PE environment to create an accelerated deployment process with the convenience of operating in a Windows 32-bit environment.

Pricing and Availability

PowerQuest V2i Builder will be available this April in English in North America only, for an MSRP of U.S. $39.95 per seat.* Volume discounts may apply. Language versions in International English, French, German and Japanese will be available in future releases. V2i Builder is available through PowerQuest partners and by visiting the PowerQuest Web site at For a list of PowerQuest partners, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at

Additional Information

For detailed information about V2i Builder, including system requirements, product profile and a white paper, please visit For more information on PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5, visit For more information on PowerQuest Deploy Toolkit, visit For more information on Storage Lifecycle Automation Management (SLAM) and V2i technology, visit