Filderstadt/Sunrise. enteo Software Inc. today announced a technology partnership with Florida-based Eisenworld Inc. In March 2005, EisenworldÂ’s flagship product, PC Relocator, was incorporated into enteoÂ’s NetInstall. PC Relocator, the leading solution for managing migration projects and backing up user settings, allows all application and profile-related settings to be restored automatically following an operating system or software upgrade, and it will now be able to take advantage of the robust enteo infrastructure.

PC Relocator is designed to support cross-operating system and version migrations. As Christian Streck, enteo’s Director of Product Management, explains: “One of the biggest advantages of this solution is its intelligent rule-based technology. This means that it always works with the latest versions of software without needing to be updated constantly.“ As a result, upgrade and migration projects can be completed in significantly less time.

enteo customers will also benefit from PC RelocatorÂ’s highly-effective user state migration and user setting backup functionalities. PC Relocator also makes it easy to implement standardized desktop settings enterprise-wide, and its flexible scripting capabilities produce significant efficiency gains.

Comments Eisenworld CEO Zee Aganovic: “By integrating NetInstall and PC Relocator, we have brought together two market-leading enterprise solutions, combining the strengths of both technologies. For practical purposes, system management and migration cannot be separated from one another, and the new integrated solution addresses this reality.”

More information on NetInstall and PC Relocator can be obtained by calling (866) 534-4100 (toll-free).